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Seaboard Rise 49 mis-triggering notes


I had been facing problems with playing Seaboard Rise 49, due to mis-triggering of notes. This is especially prevalent with the lowest and the third octave E key. If I press them hard enough and let go quickly, they either trigger the same note again or the note adjacent. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, it still doesn't seem to go away.

One more issue, if I use my sustain pedal, it also triggers notes randomly in between while playing. It mostly is the same note every time. This gets mixed with the touch and glide signals and messes up the entire playing. 

Please help with this issue as soon as possible.


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I have the same problem.  MY Rise49 triggers D# and F (middle Octave) together and few other keys behave same. I have updated firmware but no help!

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This is happening when I hit D# softly in every octave. It's triggering the E note above it. Any keys I hit around those areas cause E to trigger.

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have you guys managed to fix this?

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