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Since Studio Player upgrade to v1, hardware not found

Everything's been working fine, but since the upgrade to v1, my 2 m-blocks are not shown:


I can play notes, but not assign any controls.

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Hi Will, if you click the small chevron next to the 0, could let us know what is displayed?

Feel free to try the following, too, which should resolve the issue you're experience:

  • Quit ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Connect
  • Head to C:\Program Files\ROLI and remove the ROLI Hardware Driver folder
  • Install v1.0.6 of ROLI Connect again
  • Once you've logged in, head to the Devices tab - this will initiate an installation of ROLI Hardware Driver if it hasn't already occurred
  • Switch to the Apps tab and launch ROLI Studio Player
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