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Seaboard Block slide reset messages are wrong on some notes

I have set my blocks Slide mode to Relative Unipolar, so that a new note should always start with Slide CC74 at value zero. Nevertheless, on some notes RSP will behave as if Slide is starting at 64, the mid point. It is visible on the UI keyboard and results in an audible glitch when I start performing an actual slide gesture, because the value will jump down from 64 initially.

The first attachment is a small gif of RSP's UI keyboard where I play a G and a D, both with my fingers in the same vertical position. Then I start sliding them both upwards.

While the D behaves correctly and sounds smooth, the G will initially have a much higher value (64) and therefore have a different sound. Then when I start to slide, the G Sound will apruptly jump to the correct - much lower - value before it starts following the gesture.

The second attachment is a png showing two MIDI log lists (showing only Note on/off and CC74 messages) of a Slide gesture going wrong inside RSP. Just to look at the same issue from a different angle. The left log is upstream, basically the MIDI that goes into RSP and the right one is downstream, behind RSP and reflects what RSP is making of the MIDI input. They both show the message stream of the very same note (it's a C here), logged simultaneously.

The only difference is the CC74 reset message which is sent by Seaboards with every new note, the very first message in both logs. On the input log it has a value of zero, as expected. On the output log it is value 64 and that's what RSP is showing on its UI and useing as perfomance data.

Because the next CC 74 is of value 9, this gesture will perform a serious value jump.

The issue is similar using Slide mode Relative Bipolar, but with different initial values. In absolut mode things seem to work alright.

I haven't found any rhyme yet as of which note will show the glitch. It seems to be different ones over time, but doesn't seem to be 1 on 1 correllated with the current channel.

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This issue has been fixed, probably with firmware v.0.4.5


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