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Notes won't release

Using Studio Drums and when ion my DAW - Logic x - for some reason notes won't release once pressed when using lightpad m. Press midi panic to reset it and then releases but problem occurs again as I play anything

Really enjoying it when it does work however :)

Hey Perry, thanks for the report and sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. We'd love to know the answers to the questions below, which will help with an investigation into this issue:

  • Does the issue also occur if you run ROLI Studio Drums as a standalone application?
  • If you disable Hardware Integration (the power button at the top of the screen) and select the 4x4 grid on your Lightpad Block (either in ROLI Dashboard or by pressing the mode button on the side of the Lightpad Block), does the issue still occur?
  • Does the same issue occur with ROLI Studio Player?
Hi Lawrence No problem anyway I can help. Not as a stand alone only within DAW The issue still occurs outside hardware integration mode Only sometimes does it do it with studio player, and I just midi panic out of it and it won’t occur for a little while after
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