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ROLI Studio not showing up as a VST

I'm running Mac 11.4 and use Pro Tools First. ROLI Studio player is not showing up in my plugins list in Pro Tools. It works fine as a standalone with my LUMI Keys. I have tried trashing my Pro tools preferences but that doesn't work. Even in my MPC, ROLI Studio Player doesn't show up as an AudioUnit plugin. 

Roli states that the Studio Player  is compatible with DAWS. Please help because I am unable to integrate Roli with my music making which totally defeats the purpose. 

Thank you

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Hi there,

I've sorry to say that ROLI Studio Player and other ROLI plugins are available in VST and AU formats, but they are not available in AAX format. This means that currently no ROLI Plugins are compatible with any version of Pro Tools.

I'm not sure about the MPC issue however, which MPC product are you using?



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