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Oh, no!

Oh, no! We can't look up if you have acces to Roli Studio Player...

This message pops up after i try to insert Roli vsti. Why?

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Hi Janusz, are you still having this issue?

You'll need an internet connection when first authorising ROLI Studio Player, it may be that either your internet or the ROLI servers were down at the time you last tried.



Thank you for your reply. I'm having my Roli since january this year and every couple of time I use Roli Studio I need to log in and confirm. It starts to be annoying as I thought this software is locked with hardware in terms of authorisation. Are you able to sort it out for me pls?

I'm not aware of an issue there currently, but you'll need to have ROLI Connect open every time you open RSP (Connect will only need to connect to the internet every couple of months, however). Are you saying that you needed to log back into Connect somehow?

I've checked over and made sure that you have access to ROLI Studio Player going forward, please let me know if the issue continues.



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