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ROLI Hardware Driver

Hi there,

I have been unable to use Roli Dashboard since purchased my Songmaker Kit a couple weeks ago because my install did not come with the Roli Hardware Driver.

I've opened a support ticket but haven't heard anything for a couple weeks so I'm hoping someone here can send me a copy of the Hardware Driver for Windows.

Apparently it should be here:

C:\Program Files\ROLI\ROLI Hardware Driver


I'm missing the entire ROLI Hardware Driver folder.

Thanks in advance,


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For unknown reasons, you need to install ROLI Hardware Driver yourself. (Connect seems oblivious.) ROLI does give instructions @, under "Troubleshooting." Click the download link for the Windows version of ROLI Hardware Driver, and unzip/install it to the location indicated. Then create a desktop shortcut, from where you should run it before running Desktop.

In some cases you may need to "Run [Driver] as administrator" (and perhaps Dashboard and Connect as well). In any case, try this "Administrator option" if the above doesn't work alone.

You might find additional relevant info in a new topic I opened today in this same General Q&A section. Its title:  ROLI Software Install Issues (Windows 10).

I'm having the same issue. looking for answers as well.

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