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Seaboard Block Glide very erratic - Fixed

 I was ready to send my Seaboard Block back because a lot of the time when I tried using the strip at the top to glide, the sound in was very erratic and choppy. Because I bought the Songmaker Kit, I have the full version of Equator, and I could see that the Slide parameter was jumping a lot when I tried to glide.

I found an old PDF for the dashboard app for the Seaboard Rise, and it documented the settings for the 5 dimensions, including the different mode settings for Strike.  Now this is confusing, because the problem was occuring when I tried to glide, but I could see the strike values jump on the graphs in Equator. 

My setting for Strike was Absolute.  When I tried it with Bipolar, everything worked as I would expect.  Glide became smooth and well behaved. Strike works well.

And I'm back in love with my Seaboard.

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