The ROLI Hardware Driver is an application that runs in the background and helps ROLI software to manage your connected hardware. For ROLI Studio Player, it helps manage all the smart features and hardware integration, such as applying the correct scale or loading the controls for the Audio FX onto your Block. 

In ROLI Dashboard, it is the main interface between your hardware and ROLI software, and it's important that ROLI Hardware Driver it is running for your devices to be recognised within ROLI Dashboard. As such, ROLI Dashboard requires the latest version of ROLI Hardware Driver to be running on your system.

If you're not sure if ROLI Hardware Driver is installed, please download and install the latest version of ROLI Connect, which will automatically install and launch ROLI Hardware Driver.

You can download ROLI Connect from the following links:

If you are experiencing issues with the hardware driver, please try the steps in this article:  "Unable to start the ROLI Hardware Driver" error.