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Finishing a song with Roli/Ableton

I have the seaboard connected and recording great with Ableton. I have encountered something that I cannot find any information on, but is pretty basic. I recorded one instrument with the Seaboard block and now I want to turn the midi files into an audio file so I can use the Seaboard with a new sound on the same song. When I tried the duplicate -> freeze track method that you use to typically do this, I get a message that says the track has no output to freeze. What do I need to change and is there an easy way to accomplish this?

I had the same problem, I just record the equator resampling on a new audio track!

Thanks so much for answering! Would you mind telling me how you did this?

Yes sure.

Create a new audio track and set the Equator (or whatever vst instruments you used) as an input.

Hit record on the audio track while playing the whole track.

Or, better in this case, you can simply freeze the original track, then drag the frozen clips on another audio track (you will drag the audio of the frozen midi clips) and unfreeze the original track.

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