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Roli Dashboard Installer will not Start in Win10 x64, need help!

I have the "Roli Seaboard Block" keyboard and I am attempting to install the Roli Dashboard.

The installer (DashboardInstallerWIN.exe) will not start. When I double-click or Right-click and select Open, the cursor spins briefly then stops and nothing further happens. No dialogue box appears and no error message displays at all. I have tried in S mode, Admin, etc. with no luck.

However, I can install other applications with no problem. I was able to install this application on another workstation and laptop with no issues. All running Windows 10 Pro x64.

What could be blocking this application from installing on this PC?

I have the same virus protection on all computers, more then enough hard drive space and memory. Strange!

Any ideas as to what I can do would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Rick M.

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Hi Rick,

It looks like you were in touch with our support team. Please feel free to get back in touch if you still have any questions.



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