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How to access sound parameters in Noise?

Is there a way to modify sound parameters in Noise for iOS?

It is possible to access several parameters when Noise sounds are used in GarageBand for iOS but it seems there is no way to edit parameters in Noise (which seems a waste of resources if the functionality is already available to 3rd party apps such as GB).

Is there a way to do that?


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No way to manipulate the sounds in noise. In GarageBand using the noise plugin you have the very simple second page of controls that's it.

Thanks Sam,

Yes, these parameters are accessible in GB but sadly, GB cannot render Noise sounds when you export a song. So, it's kind of a dead end until the bug is fixed. 

It's really curious that GB has access to those parameters while their native app Noise has not. 


Sounds more like a business decision than anything else.... all moot points beyond our control I will do a post of how I can at least record swam and noise sounds into logic a kludge but works.
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