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AKAI MPC Element is not properly mapped on ROLI's Studio Player & Studio Drums

Hi there!

I'm trying to use Studio Drums & Studio Player but the MIDI mapping for the AKAI MPC Element is totally wrong.

Trying to find the "proper" MIDI mapping via the "Audio & MIDI Settings" I selected in the MIDI window this option: "MPC Element MPC Port 1" but when I press the pads on the AKAI nothing happens in the ROLI software.

Differently, if I select in the MIDI window this option: "MPC Element MPC Public" and I press the pads on the AKAI something strange happens in the ROLI software:

   1) The 16 pads of the AKAI does not correspond to the 16 pads grid in Studio Drums. Some pads will play others not, and the ones that play doesn't correspond to the pads on the ROLI's 16 grid.

   2) In Studio Player the problem is different: every pad of the AKAI is mapped to one note but in "random" order. This means that if I press pads from 1 to 16 I don't get a proper scale of 16 notes and not even 16 consequent notes but just 16 "random" notes.

These problems make the two softwares unusable for me and I can't evaluate how good they are and if I could switch from AKAI to ROLI controllers.

Is somebody experiencing similar issues?

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