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Rise battery and usb problem Not working after having been fixed only by Roli

Why doesn't anyone work on Rise Seabord 49 in U.S  I have had it repaired once and sent to England because I couldn't find anyone to work on it here  Too much effort to keep getting fixed over and over.  I understand it's smoking of battery issue which keeps taking out the USB port  Has anyone here in U.S. (or anywhere for that matter) experienced the same issues   It just blinks all the time but its dead

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Hi Lou Lou, I have a similar problem my Rise 49 will not charge from USB or external power supply.  I also have a similar problem with Light Block and Touch block not charging.  I'm waiting to hear back from Roli since 11/04/2020 only have an automated message in my inbox.

I know the planet is on lockdown, due to Covid-19 but I would still like to hear from a real person.

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