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Synths keep logging out

Hi, I’m having some issues where I load projects in Logic X and the synths for my Roli don’t work for the tracks I’ve produced. I find that it keeps asking me to log in to authenticate, but in doing this removes the preset I had saved and selects another preset. Annoyingly I can never remember which one I had selected, but luckily after a while of searching I find it - this had led me to having to name the tracks with the preset I’d chosen. Anyone had similar issues and is there a way to prevent this? Thanks.
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I agree that the constant demand to re-authenticate myself. This only continues my frustration in the inability of the software to be recognized by these programs rendering them and the Rise unusable. This problem started a few moths ago, but with new software, the ability to use the MIDI tab and identify my rise doesn't happen. Also, I did get it to work once by reconfiguring the MAcOS Audio/Midi program, but it only fixed this problem once and I have been unable to replicate it successfully again.

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