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What ROLI software is presently incompatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina?

I understand we need to patient; that's fine. But is everything incompatible?

What will or will not work with Catalina? For example, if it's only Equator that won't work, then that's not ideal, but it's also not a dealbreaker for updating the OS.

But if it's the case that connect or dashboard won't work, or MIDI is broken, then I'd definitely wait to update.


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Hi KM,

From our testing, when performing a fresh install on Catalina, you should be able to install and use all ROLI software, though you will need to follow the workaround described here -

FXpansion products are more effected, with BFD3, BFD Expansions and BFD Groovepacks all requiring installer updates, and are currently incompatible. Geist2 also requires an update, but the installation can proceed with a workaround.

Hope that helps - Please bear in mind that while ROLI software should install with the workaround above, Catalina is not currently supported so we can't guarantee this.

All apps and installers of current products will be fully updated to ensure they are Catalina compatible, and install without the need for workarounds.



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