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Update on MacOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility?

It has been a over month since the announcement that Roli software may not be compatible with Catalina, urging us to wait for an update.

What is the status?

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Hi David,  The advice sent out in that messaging still applies.  Catalina introduced changes that will require us to alter and repackage most of our software, and this work will take some time to complete. Native Instruments, Arturia and more are all in the same boat in this respect.

While we can't give a specific timeframe as to when this will be completed, we will update everyone when we have updated software to ensure compatibility with Catalina. We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Is this why I cannot install Roli studio player at all then? when I try to install from Roli connect, I get the error message "leveldown.node" can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software." 

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It would be nice to have at least a timeframe. Like many others I am giving up functionalities across apple devices to keep using Roli SW. Without a timeframe I am tempted to upgrade to Catalina and forget about the Roli...

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I would appreciate your giving us a timeframe. There are many features of Catalina that are becoming urgent during this wait.


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I got my first Apple in 1979 – an Apple II+, which I used to drive an Alpha Syntauri, my first digital synth.

I had my first Mac two weeks after its release in 1984.

Catalina is the first system update in all those years I’ve held off from installing. I have to.

I understand why Apple is doing what it is doing, but there is a high likelihood I will never again update the system on my current Mac; instead, I’ll need to add a new Mac to move into the future, while maintaining my current one as a bridge. 

There’s no fault here, neither with Apple nor ROLI; I know it’s a tough nut financially, but it’s the reality of the situation. ROLI’s advice is sound.

I would suggest that it’s in ROLI’s interests to resolve this fairly quickly. I imagine that, very shortly, most Mac’s will come with Catalina installed at the factory. Certainly the brand new 16 inch MacBooks will fall into this category. It seems unthinkable that ROLI would effectively turn a blind eye to this potential user base.

I have a brand new Songmaker sitting on the shelf that I cannot use. If I could just use the keyboard with garage band, I could wait for the rest. 

Hi guys,

Many thanks for your patience as we work to update our installers for Catalina, we have several devs actively working on this, but with a large number of installers (every BFD expansion installer must be updated for example), this will take a little time to complete.

Based on this, our advice is still to hold off on updating for now. However, you should still be able to install ROLI Connect on machines running Catalina if you need to update for other reasons, or have recently purchased a new machine with Catalina pre-installed.

After double-clicking the downloaded ROLI Connect dmg, I receive this message:

Then if I right-click the ROLI icon (once the disk image has been mounted) - like this:

I get this -

And that 'Open' button allows the installation to proceed.

Please note that the ROLI Connect dmg. file must remain mounted after installation in order for this workaround to function and for ROLI Connect to work correctly. 

Hopefully this workaround proves useful to some, and we will update everyone once the installers have been updated to ensure Catalina compatibility.

Marcus | Creator Support Agent

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I have Catalinia and my Roli Connect has always worked. I just have issues installing the newer software, like the studio and drums software. Will this work around work that software also?
Dear Marcus, Thank you for your comment, the only problem I am facing right now is whenever I restart my (pre installed Catalina os) the Roli connect disappears or deletes itself and I have to do all what you mentioned before again, each time I boot the laptop. Is there a solution to that? Thanks a lot Best Basilius Looks like you can approve installing it in settings.

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Just purchased Roli Songwriter Kit for Garageband. Installed on the new MacBook Pro 16" (pre-installed with Catalina). Having issues where the "ROLI.BLOCKS.bundle" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. After this, configuration of the blocks to work with Garageband just doesn't work. I'm running into the same issue with Logic Pro. Can't install the bundles, and thus can't configure the devices for use with the software. 

Jim Harper's suggestion to bypass security settings worked for me on Catalina. I bought this for my son so waiting around for Catalina support just isn't an option. 

I'm having the exact same issue as Scott in this thread, previous message. Any information on whether it can be installed?

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