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Studio Player VST not working in Bitwig

The Roli Studio Player standalone application works fine, but when used as a VST, there's no audio when I use my Seaboard Block.

When I use my mouse cursor to press the keys at the bottom of the player VST, sound works as expected.

And when I click the "1" next to "Hardware Control" at the top of the UI, I can see a picture of the Seaboard Block, and when I press the Seaboard Block's keys I can see a blue circle appear where I'm pressing the keys. But no audio is heard.

Using Bitwig 3.0.3

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Hi there, thanks for reporting this issue. It's possible that your Seaboard Block needs some extra setting up to ensure all MPE data is successfully received by Bitwig.

Have you ensuring that the Seaboard Block is the selected input device, and that the ROLI Studio Player track is configured to "Use MPE" in the inspector windows? Once you've ensured these things, Bitwig should process all incoming MPE data successfully. If this is not the case, please create a new support ticket and a member of the support team will be in touch.

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