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Scaling the on-screen interface in W10 on Surface Pro

On my Surface Pro, it is difficult to get the Studio Player interface to scale right to fit at least the width of the screen. When I set the scaling to 200% in the W10 settings, the Studio Player window is fully visible, but the elements are rather small. When I set the scaling to 225%, the window becomes too large to fit entirely into the screen, it seems as if the Studio Player interface interprets any scaling value above 200% as 300%. Moreover, there is no full screen / window toggle.

I also witnessed this kind of behavior on other music applications. I guess that this is because most audio applications are designed with macOS users in mind. But there are professional musicians using Windows too and I really do not want to switch the OS (and the hardware!) just because the software misinterprets a rather simple scaling request from the OS.

I strongly prefer scaling W10 to 225% or 250% on my Surface Pro, because these settings generally work best for my overall use case.

Is there a chance this issue might be addressed in the future?

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Hi Albrecht-Sebastian, thank you for sharing these issues with us. While ROLI Studio Player was only tested on desktop/laptop Windows machines, we appreciate your feedback and will investigate and scaling issues that may occur on Surface devices.

Please feel free to share any screenshots that highlight the issues you're seeing, and I can forward these on to the development team.

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