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Wrist pain from playing

 Anyone else gets wrist pain from playing seaboard? I cant play more than half an hour or so because I get wrist pain (it stops when I stop playing). Not sure of what it exactly might be I don't want to push through the pain or force anything. Did anyone have a similar problem - and if so how did you solve it? I love this instrument but for how much I adore the idea of it I can't risk my wrists like that without being sure.

That article covers basics but overlooks the importance of chair height, keyboard height and a few other important issues. RSI can seriously mess you up so do more research on the internet. The basics seem to be if your chair height is correct and your posture is good then the keyboard should be in a position where your forearms are almost parallel to the floor. BUT don’t stop there as every persons body is different and what works for one person won’t work for another. Other things to consider - are you warming up with easy simple playing before you start rocking out? Are you pressing too hard to get the effect you want? I was. In the Roli software you can set up the keyboard to respond to a lighter touch. But do your research and discover what is right for you.

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Hi KJ,

As with all musical instruments, technique and form can often be an underlying cause of strain, as well the length of time you play etc. 

I would recommend checking out this guide, which covers causes of RSI in musicians, and suggests approach for managing and mitigating it. -

Hope that helps!

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