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Since Studio Player upgrade to v1, hardware not found

Everything's been working fine, but since the upgrade to v1, my 2 m-blocks are not shown:


I can play notes, but not assign any controls.

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Hi Will, if you click the small chevron next to the 0, could let us know what is displayed?

Feel free to try the following, too, which should resolve the issue you're experience:

  • Quit ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Connect
  • Head to C:\Program Files\ROLI and remove the ROLI Hardware Driver folder
  • Install v1.0.6 of ROLI Connect again
  • Once you've logged in, head to the Devices tab - this will initiate an installation of ROLI Hardware Driver if it hasn't already occurred
  • Switch to the Apps tab and launch ROLI Studio Player
I have the same problem listed above. I would really like is to be fixed soon as possible thank you

I have the same Problem, too, but it happened after the last update of  Roli Connect 1.0.10. In Connect my Lightpad Block M is under Devices grayed. Please help-

Same here.

Couldn't find a working solution so far.

ROLI Dashbaord is able to switch the BLOCK to every mode, but Studio Player/Drums cannot find the hardware.

To your question:

- The Infobox opens, but it is blank, with no devices displayed

To your suggestion:

- ROLI Hardware Driver folder cannot be deleted (Process is still running and re-opens when cancelled)

- I already did this whole operation, but it occurs again and again.

Same here.

next to Hardware Control "0" is displayed, after clicking on "0" the infobox opens and shows nothing.

Deleting the files and reinstallung the whole bundle as explained also in other threads, downn't solve the problem, it constnatly returns.

Don't have a workable soltuion yet. 

Please help, cannot work this way.

Same problem here. Cannot find an appropriate solution.

Have to do these steps all the time. This doesn't work for me.

Man I hope they fix this soon. I have held off on Catalina far to long.


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