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Since Studio Player upgrade to v1, hardware not found

Everything's been working fine, but since the upgrade to v1, my 2 m-blocks are not shown:


I can play notes, but not assign any controls.

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I had problems also. I actually bought a 2019 IMac and was afraid to upgrade to Catalina. I finally upgraded and to my surprise. Everything work fine.

I have the same problem. I can play sounds in Studio Player, but cannot control hardware.

There is a "0" in Hardware Control, if I click the "v" I get a blank "Assign your hardware" window. I can control hardware in ROLI Dashboard, including the key lights on the LUMI Keys. I cannot control this in Studio Player. I noticed in one of the ROLI intro videos for the LUMI Keys that colored octaves appear on the software keyboard in Studio Player in the demo. This also does not happen for me, however I do see circles appear on the notes.


Using MacOS Catalina, Version 10.15.4 and LUMI Keys and RISE 49. It is the same hardwired or with Bluetooth.

Thank you

Jay Swaminarayan
Could find an Easy Workaround for this.

Please follow this steps.

  1. Quit ROLI Connect
  2. Open Task Manager > Services
  3. Search for ROLI Hardware Driver
  4. Right Click & STOP
  5. Start the ROLI Connect
  6. Open ROLI Studio Player
  7. Go To Task Manager > Services > ROLI Hardware Driver
  8. Right Click > Start
  9. Voila! You Should see your hardware back.

Jay Swaminarayan

I cant even play this thing yet because everytime i try to install the studio it says my hardware isnt working. I looked for it in Program files and all there is as options is midi driver. I bought this thing and cant even use it?

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