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What is the point of the Equator Player?

I realise that Equator is a very powerful tool for allowing fine control of existing 5D instruments as well as potentially allowing you to create new 5D instruments or presets but its one main flaw is it cannot record anything you do. For that I have to use NOISE or one of the other DAWs. I bought my kit to be able to build up tracks using drumkits, basslines and melodies and Equator just can't do this, it can only play one instrument at a time, does not support multiple Blocks, does not support the loop block or control block and does not allow recording/playback. So what's the point of it? All those instruments and all that functionality is wasted because I can't use this tool for what I actually need. 

Can there be some kind of integration between these two tools? Like a way to import Equator instruments into NOISE or other DAWs? OR alternatively take Equator and make it so you can record tracks. I apologize if I'm wrong about anything, I am still new to using this software, but at the outset I just can't figure out what it's for other than just having a play, but that's not going to help me actually make any tracks!

can't find equator player

@Andrew: Equator Player is intended as a performance instrument customized for the Seaboard's and BLOCKS' five dimensions of touch, and able to be recorded when loaded as a plugin inside a DAW like Tracktion Waveform. Equator was initially introduced as the custom synthesizer for the Seaboard GRAND and Seaboard RISE, while NOISE v2 was introduced alongside BLOCKS, and so Equator doesn't have all of NOISE's functionality (and vice versa). We do want to make our instruments as powerful and expressive as possible, and feel free to vote for this feature request.

@dellmed: On your My ROLI page you should see "ROLI Equator" and then "Downloadable content" and "Software." You'll want to make sure to click on your operating system under "Software." This will download Equator. Once it's downloaded you may open the installer from your downloads folder. This will install install Equator. Then you may open Equator from your applications/programs folder. (Note that Equator and Equator Player are the same application, and the license that you have will determine whether you can access the "Full" view or the "Player" view inside Equator.)

Thanks, i figured it out 

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