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ROLI Software Install Issues (Windows 10)


Two issues can arise when installing ROLI software on a Windows 10 computer. Both are clearly signaled by popup messages.

The first problem occurs every time the software is installed on a Windows 10 machine. It is met when ROLI Connect is run after first having installed Dashboard. When Dashboard itself is run - either from its own icon or through Connect, a warning popup advises that "ROLI Hardware Driver is not running". This is because ROLI Connect has not installed it. (You automatically have the latest version of Connect.)

The solution is straightforward: you must install the driver yourself. (Thankfully ROLI tells you how - though it is unclear why this should be necessary.) Click on the "More Info" button. On the ROLI Support page that opens (, look under "Troubleshooting" for the ROLI Hardware Driver for Windows, and click the link. Follow the advice at item 3, and be sure to create a desktop shortcut (from which you will run the Driver).

The problem is now solved. Note, at the same time, that you should make a practice of running the Hardware Driver before Dashboard.

Problem #2 only occurs with certain Windows systems, but when it does it is a showstopper. It will likely freeze ROLI Dashboard and require either a manual "power off" or a Task Manager "Shut Down".

When Dashboard opens, a white popup advises "Ooooops! File Error" and the app freezes. The Hardware Driver is unable to communicate with your ROLI device.

The remedy is hardly intuitive, but is a simple, permanent fix. For all three ROLI icons on your desktop (Connect, Dashboard and Hardware Driver), do the following: right-click the icon, and select Properties then Compatibility. Finally, check the "Run this program as an administrator" box.

That's it.

Personal Note: I experienced this second issue on a desktop with Windows 10 Pro, but not on a laptop with the same OS. Both computers were similarly configured and ROLI setup identical. It is not clear to me what might have caused the difference in behavior. Also, issue 2's "run as administrator" mandate seems especially strange, as I am the Administrator and sole user of my desktop computer!


ROLI Creator Support currently (10/20/2021) states the following: "I would like to impress that these issues with Connect, Dashboard and the Hardware Driver are a very high priority with our QA team. We are acutely aware of the problems that our Creators are having with this, and we have invested in more resources and staff to resolve this problem once and for all.

Connect 1.0.17 is the first step towards this and has resolved the issue on some Windows machines. With further updates to the code, we are looking to eradicate the issues entirely without needing such workarounds as those you have dutifully found and employed."










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And what about the problem about the roli connect gets stucks in a semi transparent window and doesnt allow to do anything? I really need to fix that to use my block at 100% :(

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