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Future of ROLI and the Seaboard?

Could you please update us about what is happening with ROLI and the Seaboard? It is a pity we do not get communications directly from you and instead have to guess and seek info through media. I sincerely hope that the Seaboard and Equator will not be buried in your process, and will continue to be supported and repaired, as well as manufactured, sold, and developed further.

Hey Miguel, I'm afraid we can't confirm a rough date yet, but we will be aiming to provide the same level of included software when we reintroduce the RISE next year :)

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Hi there,

The articles are unfortunately a little vague, but I can confirm that we are planning to bring the Seaboard RISE back into stock in 2022. We are also continuing support and further development for Equator2 and other software.

We have more thorough answers on our own news page:

If you've got more specific questions, I'll do my best to answer those that I can.

That's great to know! So, Will i be able to finally purchase a seaboard 49 in a few months?? And if so, will it still include all the software it did before? Thanks in advance!
That is great! I've been waiting for this moment for sooo long! Ahah i've searched literally every store in the world for any available rise 49! Please hurry
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