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Ability to play Libraries in Noise(on IOS) in Geoshred (on IOS)

The Noise application interface is very basic in terms of playing notes, no custom scales, does not use the full real estate of iPad. Not sure whether its a deliberate attempt to force people to buy Hardware.

I am thinking if I can play SWAM libraries in Noise App in Garageband and Geoshred it will be great. Geoshred is a great interface, I don't think anybody can beat it in this decade. with lots of scales built-in and customization of a number of rows and columns.

if Roli can support the above thing, it becomes a true mobile development platform.



It was announced at NAMM that the SWAM libraries will be made available as $15 IAPs in GeoShred some time in Q2 this year:

Any idea when is the Geoshred integration is happening for SWAM?

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