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One license used for ios & Win

Hola...if I have...whether free-with-purchase or upgraded versions...Roli software, can I download for both my Ipad Pro and my Windows 10 home studio, so I can move my Blocks between the two, or do I need to buy a license for each OS?

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Hi Lizzy,

The software for iOS and desktop computers are different, so there is no license sharing between the two. Desktop ROLI software is not available on the iPad.

I can't see any hardware registered to your account, so the software bundle will depend on what products you own, but on a Windows machine, ROLI software includes ROLI Dashboard, ROLI Connect, ROLI Studio, Equator, Cypher2, and Strobe2.

On iOS, we offer the NOISE app, which is the main app designed to be used with BLOCKS, as well as ROLI Play and Seaboard 5D. All ROLI instruments are Bluetooth enabled and MIDI class-compliant, so can be used with any iOS apps that support MIDI over Bluetooth. All ROLI iOS apps are free.

Hope that helps, if you have any further questions, please reach out and create a support ticket here - 


Gotcha, thanks...I'm one of the Lumi backers who also bundled a Seaboard block, so that's why you couldn't find anything on me yet. But you answered my question beautifully, thank you! PS: I spent decades on tech support desks, including quality control for tech support...this really was an awesome answer.
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