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LOOP Block/Touch Block don't work with Ableton 10 Live

Hi, does anyone know how can I get Loop and Touch Blocks to work with Ableton Live? I attached them through Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block and the lights are on, showing it's connected, but non of the functions work. 

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Hey Maya,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You can map any of the buttons on the Control BLOCKS to pretty much any button in Ableton Live. You need to first put the BLOCK into MIDI CC Mode in Dashboard, then start mapping the buttons to Ableton's controls by clicking the MIDI icon on the top-right of Ableton's main window.

If you want to talk more about how to do this, just open a new support ticket and I'll be happy to walk you through the process.

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Hi Maya,

Don't forgot to enable Remote on MIDI ports in Input Seaboard Block

Kind regards


Joe, could you explain how to get Ableton to recognize the Loop block as an input device? I can't map any controls to the loop block in mapping mode because Ableton doesn't seem to be picking up on button presses on the loop block. Thanks!

Hey Gabe, first connect the Loop BLOCK to your computer (via Bluetooth or via DNA connectors on another connected BLOCK). Then, turn on MIDI CC mode for the Loop BLOCK in Dashboard. Finally, in Ableton's MIDI preferences, next to the connected BLOCK in the 'MIDI Ports' section, switch the Remote 'On'. You will then be able to map the buttons as normal. 

Thanks Joe, that works well! Is there any way to get the Play/Pause button to handle both playing and pausing/stopping in Ableton? Also, can you point me to definitions of the different behavior modes (Toggle, Gate, Trigger, etc.)?

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