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Please run Roli Hardware Driver

I am on Windows 10 latest release and Studio Player V1 keeps asking to run the Roli Hardware driver.

I believe this is a known issue but nevertheless its a critical bug.

(1.33 MB)

31 people have this problem

Kimberley - there is no Hardware Driver Folder !!

Christoph - does'nt work !!

Lumi is still grayed out under devices tab

Lumi app won't install om Windows 10

Fullyy  charged and connected via USB

Shows as connected in bluetooth and keys light up when pressed. 

2 days of trying and still "No cigar!!!!"

hello,  I am a new Roli Songmaker Kit owner.  I may have to return it if this keeps up.  Roli Connect will not work after install.  It says, "uhoh, something went wrong "and gives me a customer support link option".  

Does anyone have a successfuly troubleshoot method for me?

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