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iOS block Dashboard

Hi, I have finished the development of an iOS block Dashboard. The application is now available on the AppStore at an introductory price of 2.79$ (Regular price 5.49$) until July the 9th.

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Hi! Awesome!! Is it possible with the app assign the Seaboard block for an instrument and the Lightpad block to another one (at the same time) on GarageBand running on iOS?

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Absolutely blows my mind that you STILL CANNOT change the color of your lightpad OR have it show specific notes or scales via the dashboard. Would be a great feature for the future of this app, which I also bought yet haven’t used too much because I need to constantly disconnect and reconnect my hardware to my phone then back to my laptop etc etc etc...Its really not a nice way to work woth this device and softwares. It’s honestly fkn unbelievable that they sell these lightpads at the price they do, with aaallllll this amazing advertised functionality and features, but I am forced to use NOISE if I want different colors or scales..and it isn’t even that, it’s the fact it feels like a pretty brick when used with other apps. But that’s all it is until dashboard ACTUALLY allows legitimate customization of your RGB gear. There should alsp be a way to keep dashboard open while using the lightpad because if I dont own or want to own a loop block or songmaker block, I had damn well better be allowed to change things from dashboard WITHOUT being forced to close the DAW im working in because “your block is being controlled by another application, please quit” etc etc etc...

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Currently on sale for $1.99 – not sure for how long, but if you use Blocks with iOS and don't already have this you'd be mad not to grab it at this price.

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Hi Christophe!

I bought your App that seems the one it needs to use Lightpad on iOS...You have done what Roli cannot or want to do: unbelievable from them and awesome from you! Shame on them and Compliments to you.

I'm just trying to figure out how it works, but I cannot found a sort of manual or demo.

Please could you tell me where to find the basics.

Tanks so much

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Hi Christophe! I’m so glad I found this app.... although I am simultaneously not so happy about an issue: I’m on iOS 12.0.1! And I haven’t updated my iPhone X as I’m afraid of planned obsolescence. It is very unfortunate as I REAAAAAALLY need your app. Is there anyway you could support lower versions of iOS? I’d really appreciate if you could cover at least the entirety of iOS 12. Otherwise, if anyone is able to provide any feedback on how performance on their iPhones has been affected by the upgrade to iOS 13, I might just upgrade this one time so that I can use your app. It literally is a game changer for us Blocks users, especially the ones who barely ever connect it to their PCs. Thank you so much for your time and I hope something can be done! Any feedback will be deeply appreciated !

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Hi Adrian, Yes it is possible.

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Christophe, do your best. Keep the good work up.  It can be a wonderfull level of achievement, in all this superior ''field'' of expression.

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James Magold, it’s funny that you mention that because I did a while ago and had tons of issues thanks to iOS 13.3. Ape Matrix ran like ****, so I had to ditch it for AUM which at least holds up better. Same with audiobus. Luckily for me I am familiar with the three, but ApeMatrix was my favorite and it really bothered me as my performance dropped significantly after the update. Now AUM has multi routing which is literally enough for me to prefer it over ApeMatrix regardless of the beauty of its interface and UX design, but I am sure they will catch up and when that happens I will once again wish I had never updated. But I did update just for this app and Cubasis, and although I regret updating, I can’t say I regret getting this app. Cubasis 3... well, it still needs some work to be worth it.
Can I use this app to change slide relative/bipolar to absolute on iOS? The blocks default to relative on iOS, and I would instantly buy this app if I could use absolute on iOS.

Christophe Tornieri - any idea when a Rise compatibility will be available - can't wait!!!

Christopher, I just downloaded your app and was excited to use it with Noise. I have a Seabord Block and an iPhone XS running the newest IOS. Would you please help with compatibility? The buttons on the app are highly finicky (a lot are not functional), and the app finds my controller via bluetooth but does not change the sound. Noise does not work once I switch over to the app so realtime mods would not work either. Thank you for your attention.
EnriquePage91... for the love all you hold holy, upgrade to iOS 13 (latest). I’ve run it on iPhone X (each version) and have had no problems. While not relevant to Lumi /Roli, the slide keypad and keypad as a track pass is worth the upgrade all by itself.

That's amazing.  Do changes made in your dashboard maintain when you use the Noise App? I've been looking for a way to transpose the seaboard block for use in Noise on ios for ages now.

I just bought the app cause it said that worked with ROLI Seaboard Rise and I just found out that it doesn't and it never will, totally disapointed...


Hey Jeremy and Enrique...

I’m personally not holding out hope for any more meaningful changes to Noise - they’ve moved onto heir desktop software, Roli connect, and Lumi development  I think. I’ve been asking Roli for simple changes like transposing for the seaboard block, some kind of audio I/O, and the ability to ‘hold’ effect settings in place... not to mention some new instruments after more than a year of no updates to the soundpack store. 

But given that... I agree with Enrique... I use AUV3 mostly for transpositions and routing ... and it works with the 3rd party dashboard app.  But that also means that you can’t use SWAM soundpacks because they only work in Noise.  I do really appreciate that Roli made the AUV3 implementation because I do use that all the time. And I play roli gear every day.  Shame about the swam sounds. 

When I do use NOISE now it’s really only to play swam instrument packs for fun...and if i need to record the sound i go analog and just do an audio out from my ipad into my laptop. No midi data, no editing, but some of the SWAM sounds are still worth it given how good they are. 

I would love to see Roli update Noise finally. I find it very frustrating that it’s a MOBILE first platform that increasingly works mostly on laptops. I take roli gear everywhere and play when i have time, and setting up my laptop to play means i play 1/3 as much as i would if it worked better on mobile at this point. 

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