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Using noise in logic

Here is a kludge that I discovered to at least be able to record all of the noise sounds into logic. Connect noise to a block via Bluetooth . Connect the idevice via USB to your desktop. In audio midi setup choose your idevice as the input. Create an audio channel in logic with the idevice as the input. At this point you can at least record / play ALL the sounds available in the noise app. I hope this makes sense. I have recorded this way a number of times and it works well... Go forth and create! S

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Do you have template for Logic pro x where I everything is all ready configured like the loop/touch and live block.

And lightpadblock and seaboard block

That would be very nice

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remember that logic is just recording the audio from noise all controls are still through the iPad apps.

one day we will have controls like what you are hoping for...

thanks you for the tip

Hi was wondering how to transfer recorded parts from Noise to Logic and or Appleton. Thanks:)
In noise In the main songs window there are choices underneath the share button and the button next to it. one is for Ableton The other choice is to make waves files. I save as wave files then import them into garage band
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