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MPE-Utility script for Ableton Live

I wrote a MIDI Remote Script which automates the tedious set up process of the midi tracks for Ableton Live. Here's a short demo video:

You'll get the Script (and instructions) from GitHub, try it out if you like!

Some users have verified that the script works (vi-control and Ableton forums), and I use it myself. However, if you encounter any bugs, please inform me so I can fix those :) And all feedback and  suggestions are welcome. There are some ideas listed in the Readme already though.


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I am using Ableton 10.1.6, and there is no way to select the MPE_Util as a control surface, even though it is pasted inside the MIDI scripts folder. Can anyone help?

The script doesn't seem to work in Live 10.1. The "-creatempe" command doesn't create any new tracks. Am pretty sure I have it configured correctly as I used to use it in Live 9.7.6 and it worked fine. 

I'm on Live 10.1 and the script doesn't appear to work anymore. The -creatempe command doesn't trigger the creation of tracks. It used to work fine in 9.7.6.

Hi there! Thanks for script, it helps a lot. I was trying to do more complex stuff using this with instrument rack. I just made a step-by-step guide on how to configure everything properly for loading multiple instances of Equator and controling presets via instrument rack:

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Peter Røhrig, don't you want your "MIDI from" on the 16 Kontakt channels to be your Seaboard (instead of the computer keyboard)?


This works great for Strobe 2 -- although I did have to go into preferences and turn on the VST permissions, which for some reason were defaulted to off.

For Equator though, I'm getting this error message:


Midi incoming from channel 1

Equator currently expects MIDI from channels 2 to 16

You can change these settings to reflect your MIDI device from the MIDI settings menu"

It then gives the choice of settings or ignore. If you chose ignore, it doesn't work. If you choose settings, you can turn MPE on or off (its on), adjust channels from 2-16 (but not 1). There is a master channel indicator, which you cannot adjust directly but will be one less than the lowest channel in the previous setting. (For example is you adjust the channels to 5-16, master channel will be 4). Then there is note pitch bend, global pitch bend, and reset.

I am using a brand new MacBook Pro and a newly downloaded Ableton live

Hi there,

I own the Seaboard 49 for 2 weeks and i am not able to play with Kontakt e.g. Guitars correctly. I use the Mpe-Util tool and it creates 16 Channels, but i can't play after creating the channels... Is there a anything i do wrong? I install and use it like on the Videos. But wenn the Mpe-util is creating the Channels there comes no sound out.


Please Help me. I am really desperately trying without a change for 2 weeks now.

I created a variation on the Ableton setup theme here, where I can quickly record MPE audio clips, using Clyphx commands. (I now have Clyphx Pro, but you should easily be able to recreate this if you find the free version "Clyphx"). By creating a playlist in Equator, and then using the arrow buttons on the upper left of my Seaboard, I get plenty of options for different instrument clips. With Clyphx, I could also "command" which track I'm recording to as well, but I thought I'd give the simplest version here. The screenshots below should make it clear, but let me know if you have questions.

i haven't tried using it lately, but when i did it often took several tries just to get the tracks to populate as designed, and then in later instantiations some tracks remained armed, some didn't, some wouldn't arm again except manually, and then sometimes i'd open that live set another day and nothing about those tracks worked so i had to start all over. since i'm desiring MPE use for live performance (i never even tried to use it for recording) i decided to cut my losses (time lost troubleshooting, etc.) and wait for reliable stability. in Bitwig MPE is a dream come true. in Ableton, not so much. 

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Hi LSZ1318,

The main reason I'm interested in using a program like Bitwig, and have Bitwig "talk to" LIve, is that editing the MPE in Bitwig is so much easier - very clear editing of Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift. Editing MPE in Ableton is definitely trickier, for me at least. But I'm also reluctant to make a complete switch over to Bitwig, and this is why I'm interested in using both programs simultaneously.

Can I ask what issues you guys are having with the script?  It's been pretty reliable for me so far.  The record and playback clip issue I was having above was easily solved by just mapping all the relevant clips to my SoftStep foot controller.  Other than that things seem okay.

LSZ1318, I'm shy about using Soundflower , as it hasn't always worked out the way I want it to. I see that Jack has a new upgrade, and I read Jack was recommended by Bitwig at some point, so I may check it out. Or I may just wait patiently for years, as who knows? Ableton  may include MPE support in my lifetime! :-( Like you (I imagine), Scott Johnson, I've put alot of time and energy into Ableton, and don't want to switch DAW's.

i'm with Jay Cook in that a configuration like he suggests would help me. I've now given up on using MPE to its fullest extent on my current live project because this script is not reliable, and i'm not ready to adopt Bitwig because of my familiarity with Ableton - i haven't had enough free time to really learn Bigwig enough, but i sure like the way those 5D instruments play and sound, so . . . has anyone done this yet? 


Nice little tutorial for getting audio back and forth!

Has anyone out there seen a good tutorial regarding connecting Bitwig with Live? Not sure what that means CPU wise, but I'd love to use Equator in Bitwig for editing MIDI purposes, but have the audio go directly into Live. Not the most ideal setup, but it would make editing MPE alot easier for me..thanks.

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