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Useful script to unlock "push" dimension (aftertouch) in NI Kontakt

Most of Kontakt libraries uses modwheel (CC#1) to control changing dynamics of instrument (x-fade via layers of samples etc).

Here's a script for NI Kontakt that converts aftertouch (our "push" dimension) data into CC messages. I found it in audio-specialized forum:

on init

    declare const $CHANNEL_PRESSURE := 208

    declare const $CONTINUOUS_CONTROLLER := 176

    declare const $CC_NUMBER := 1

end on


on midi_in



    end if

end on

Click on "KSP" button in the upper right of Kontakt window, click  "edit", paste this script and click "apply". Then you can save preset to use in future.

This ("declare const $CC_NUMBER := 1") lane shows CC destination of  aftertouch data, you can change CC number to any other.

I was surprised that in your video about using Kontact with Roli, the question of using aftertouch has remained a mystery. Here's the solution.

(263 KB)

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Thank you! 

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Thanks Kirill Yartsev!!!

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Nice, thank you :)

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