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Snapcases vs. Other cases for the Roli Blocks

This is the BEST CASE for the Roli Blocks. Any other case will put undue pressure on some areas of the pressure-sensitive areas of all versions of the Roli Light Block. Unlike other cases, the Snapcase ensures even pressure on all areas so that calibration.of all areas of the block are even resulting in no phantom triggering (areas being triggered without actual pressure by its user). A MUST-BUY for all owners of versions of the Light Block or the Seaboard Block.

The issue is that the snap case offers no actual protection to the block. I travel a lot. My gear goes in my bag. I'm careful with my bag but EVERYTHING in it has better protection and/or cushioning that this case. Was that even thought of in this design? Some of us need and want more.

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You are correct that the Snapcases in of itself doesn't give the blocks full protection especially since they don't completely cover the block. But I have tried pouches and cases with my blocks (Lightpad M's and Seaboard blocks). I even bought a keyboard case for my Seaboard Block. But I noticed that those other cases that hold the blocks tightly eventually cause the phantom triggering when later use the block that was kept in them. This is especially true with the keyboard case that had an elastic strap holding the keyboard in place. I also tried keeping my Lightpad M's in a small drawstring pouch but it didn't offer the playing surface protection from being hit by other things when I place it in my gig bag. So the best protection I give my blocks is a primary protection using the Snapcases and then a secondary protection by putting them in a drawstring pouch. I avoid having phantom triggering this way. I hope this helps.
For a travel case, I’ve found that the Magma CTRL Boutique dock case (48002) to be a perfect fit, it has some nice foam padding too!

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