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iOS block Dashboard

Hi, I have finished the development of an iOS block Dashboard. The application is now available on the AppStore at an introductory price of 2.79$ (Regular price 5.49$) until July the 9th.

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Hi! Awesome!! Is it possible with the app assign the Seaboard block for an instrument and the Lightpad block to another one (at the same time) on GarageBand running on iOS?

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Christophe Tornieri - any idea when a Rise compatibility will be available - can't wait!!!

Any plans to do a version compatible with arise?
Jason Peter. Sorry but there is no plan to make it compatible with Seaboard Rise as they use a completely different SDK.
Hi Adrian, Yes it is possible.
Hi Christophe! I’m so glad I found this app.... although I am simultaneously not so happy about an issue: I’m on iOS 12.0.1! And I haven’t updated my iPhone X as I’m afraid of planned obsolescence. It is very unfortunate as I REAAAAAALLY need your app. Is there anyway you could support lower versions of iOS? I’d really appreciate if you could cover at least the entirety of iOS 12. Otherwise, if anyone is able to provide any feedback on how performance on their iPhones has been affected by the upgrade to iOS 13, I might just upgrade this one time so that I can use your app. It literally is a game changer for us Blocks users, especially the ones who barely ever connect it to their PCs. Thank you so much for your time and I hope something can be done! Any feedback will be deeply appreciated !
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