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iOS block Dashboard

Hi, I have finished the development of an iOS block Dashboard. The application is now available on the AppStore at an introductory price of 2.79$ (Regular price 5.49$) until July the 9th.

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EnriquePage91... for the love all you hold holy, upgrade to iOS 13 (latest). I’ve run it on iPhone X (each version) and have had no problems. While not relevant to Lumi /Roli, the slide keypad and keypad as a track pass is worth the upgrade all by itself.
James Magold, it’s funny that you mention that because I did a while ago and had tons of issues thanks to iOS 13.3. Ape Matrix ran like ****, so I had to ditch it for AUM which at least holds up better. Same with audiobus. Luckily for me I am familiar with the three, but ApeMatrix was my favorite and it really bothered me as my performance dropped significantly after the update. Now AUM has multi routing which is literally enough for me to prefer it over ApeMatrix regardless of the beauty of its interface and UX design, but I am sure they will catch up and when that happens I will once again wish I had never updated. But I did update just for this app and Cubasis, and although I regret updating, I can’t say I regret getting this app. Cubasis 3... well, it still needs some work to be worth it.
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