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What is happening?

Hi, total newby with Roli Blocks. I have songmaker kit and understand the basic principles of creating loops. However, I find timing a trouble when using a drum kit or instrument.

I play drums, so my timing is ok and I use the click. When I record a loop it is in time, then when it finishes recording and begins playback, it seems to be half a beat behind.   If I use a grove kit then add a bass line for example,  its on beat when i am recording, when repeating it's off. 

I have snap on, which is meant to quantize things, but that seems to make no difference when on or off. 

Can anyone give me some advice, as it is quite frustrating .


Best Answer

Sorted. In a word, latency.


Sorted. In a word, latency.

Yup. It would be really cool to use wireless headphones but the latency between the device and the headphones make it unworkable. I have to always carry a cable. :)
Cables rule my existence now. Obey the cable overlord!
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