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Roli is very quiet when used in Logic Pro X


So I'm trying to use my two Seaboard Blocks in Logic Pro X and is having an issue with velocity. I'm getting sound with Kontakt, but it's very quiet. I have to hit the keys very hard to even get a little sound out of it. i'm currently on "Single Channel" in Roli Dashboard and the only thing that solves this is if I set the velocity to "fixed Velocity", which of course then takes away any kind of dynamics when you play.

How do I set the velocity to a good level in Logic and Kontakt? I want to be able to use the blocks as a normal midi keyboard. Please help!

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Hi, same problem too!

Any solutions?

Same here - with any software instrument loaded in Logic Pro X (except Equator - see below), same symptoms as Hugo, Seaboard Blocks (I have two) are virtually unplayable. 

However, when I load Equator in Logic, velocity works fine & wavekeys are properly sensitive.

I've tried resetting the Blocks hardware, and I have the most up-to-date firmware. 

NOTE: There is no such problem with the Light Block M sensitivity, it doesn't change when I switch from Equator to one of the instruments that come with Logic Pro.

I've had that same problem as well. I'm not sure if this is the actual solution but I went to the Roli Dashboard on multi channel and under 5d touch turned the strike sensitivity all the way to the left. You might have to play with the 5d touch controls to get the exact feel your looking for. Hopefully that's the correct way to do it but I'm not entirely sure.

Thanks Chris, this works for me too! Great!

I have the same problem here with Vienna Instruments Pro 2.

The Strike setting change makes sense as it is how hard you "strike" or "touch" the keyboard. However I couldn't help but wonder if this is only a problem with piano type instrument and why this is not a problem for the Equator Synth?

The equator synth is designed and configured for the Roli, and therefore it's just going to need less adjustment to get the right velocity settings you want.   Other plugins and synths might need a bit more finesse, such as turning down the Strike settings, to get the right velocity balance that works best with the Roli.  The Strike adjustment will definitely do the trick in a global scope, but if you want different settings per Logic instrument, I highly recommend trying this alternate that mostly works 'the same':

Logic Pro X has a midi plugin called Velocity Processor.  Its an advanced midi setting, so you can only see/use it if you turn on your advanced preferences in logic.  I recommend the 'add/scale' mode.

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