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Roli is very quiet when used in Logic Pro X


So I'm trying to use my two Seaboard Blocks in Logic Pro X and is having an issue with velocity. I'm getting sound with Kontakt, but it's very quiet. I have to hit the keys very hard to even get a little sound out of it. i'm currently on "Single Channel" in Roli Dashboard and the only thing that solves this is if I set the velocity to "fixed Velocity", which of course then takes away any kind of dynamics when you play.

How do I set the velocity to a good level in Logic and Kontakt? I want to be able to use the blocks as a normal midi keyboard. Please help!

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Hi, same problem too!

Any solutions?

Same here - with any software instrument loaded in Logic Pro X (except Equator - see below), same symptoms as Hugo, Seaboard Blocks (I have two) are virtually unplayable. 

However, when I load Equator in Logic, velocity works fine & wavekeys are properly sensitive.

I've tried resetting the Blocks hardware, and I have the most up-to-date firmware. 

NOTE: There is no such problem with the Light Block M sensitivity, it doesn't change when I switch from Equator to one of the instruments that come with Logic Pro.

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