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New Garageband SongMaker Kit

Does anyone know if there is additional software that is bundled with the newly released Garageband version of the songmaker kit?  I bought the songmaker kit a few years ago and am interested to know if there is anything different with the new version?  And if so, how do I get my hands on it :)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for asking about this – I'll be happy to clarify.

All versions of the Songmaker Kit include the same hardware controllers, the same price, and most of the same software. You can take your track in any direction by connecting the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block, and Loop Block with a vast range of sounds and software programs.

The Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition is special because it’s focused. It goes deep with one digital audio workstation — GarageBand for macOS — that’s also the world’s most popular. And it offers step-by-step onboarding to help you get started and make a first track. 

The benefit for many people, especially if you’re more of a hobbyist than a pro, is the ease of working in a totally integrated environment. Pretty much everything you need to make a track is right there: a keyboard, a drum pad, mixing and production controls, hundreds of sounds and effects, recording and editing capabilities. It’s a focused, plug-and-play studio. It’s much easier than jumping between multiple software programs connected to an array of controllers. 

Benefits of the Songmaker GarageBand Edition include: 

  • Quick and easy onboarding: Onboarding films and project templates guide you from the unboxing and setup stages to making a track

  • Convenient access to a huge sound library: Not only do you get all of the GarageBand sounds; you also get a specially selected group of Equator sounds that you can browse directly in GarageBand 

  • A deep integration with Logic: For anyone looking to move to the next level, the integration is also deep and seamless with Logic Pro X, the professional DAW for macOS. 

  • Work with any model of MacBook: The kit includes a USB-C to USB-A adaptor, so you can connect the Songmaker Kit to any model of MacBook  

If you’re choosing between the two versions of the Songmaker Kit, the main things to think about are: 

  • Do you want to center your Songmaker Kit experience around GarageBand and Logic? It’s a deep integration that gives you everything you need to play, edit, and produce. 

  • Are you a Mac user? Garageband is only available on Mac, and the integration is customized for the desktop version. 

Regardless of which one you choose, you have access to almost all the features of the other version. If you opt for the regular Songmaker Kit, you can still work in GarageBand. If you choose the Songmaker GarageBand Edition, you receive almost all of the same software tools (see table below). In some senses, you can’t go wrong!


Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition 

Songmaker Kit 



Cypher2 Player 

Cypher 2 Player 

Strobe2 Player 

Strobe2 Player 

Ableton Live Lite 

Ableton Live Lite 

NOISE for iOS (free app) 

NOISE for iOS (free app) 

ROLI PLAY (free app) 

ROLI PLAY (free app) 

Tracktion Waveform 8 

If you already have a Songmaker Kit, you may access the new integrations with GarageBand and Logic Pro by following these instructions



Hi. I found one Second hand Garageband SongMaker Kit with great price. But I use Windows. Can I have all software that comes with this kit to Windows when I register? Thank you.

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