The Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition introduces seamless integration with the latest version of GarageBand for Mac and the latest version of Logic Pro X. 

This integration is also accessible to owners of the standard Songmaker Kit by following the steps below:

  1. Update your software and firmware:

    1. On your Mac, check that you're running macOS 10.12 or newer and the latest versions of GarageBand (v10.3.1) and Logic Pro X (10.4.2). You can update by heading to the menu bar at the top of the screen, clicking  > App Store > Updates. Ensure you have the latest version of ROLI Dashboard (4.1.4) by selecting ‘Check for application updates’ in the Help menu of your existing version or by logging into My ROLI and downloading and installing the latest version.

    2. Ensure you have the latest version of ROLI Equator (V1.12.1) by selecting ‘Check for Updates’ under ‘Settings’ in the Equator menu or by logging into My ROLI and downloading the installer. Be sure to install or update GarageBand and/or Logic Pro X before updating or installing the latest version of Equator, and close all audio applications before installing Equator.
    3. Connect your Songmaker Kit using the included USB cable and launch ROLI Dashboard.

    4. Ensure all of your Blocks are updated to the latest firmware, version 0.4.4, by individually connecting each Block and clicking the ‘Updates’ button. (Firmware 0.4.3 will also work but we always recommend updating to the latest firmware.) 

  2. Load the GarageBand/Logic app onto your Blocks:

    1. Select your Loop Block and click on the 'GarageBand Control' or 'Logic Control' Mode on the left depending on which DAW you are using.

    2. Select your Lightpad Block and load the 'GarageBand Control' or 'Logic Control' Mode in the list of apps below. 

  3. Launch GarageBand or Logic Pro X, depending on which DAW you prefer to use – you're ready to start making music!

Once connected to GarageBand or Logic Pro X, the Loop Block will control the Lightpad’s layout and key app functions:

  • Press Play to listen to or pause your song.

  • Press Record to record.

  • Press Volume to enter ‘Mixer mode’ on the Lightpad and cycle between two layouts:

    • Track select and volume

    • Mute, solo, and pan.

  • Press Mode to enter ‘Instrument mode’ and cycle through melodic, drum and Smart Control layouts on the Lightpad.

  • Use Plus and Minus to:

    • Select the next or previous instrument tracks when in Instrument mode (when the Mode button is lit)

    • Select the next or previous bank of four tracks when in Mixer mode (when the Volume button is lit).

  • Press Undo if you want to make a change, then:

    • Use Minus button to trigger Undo

    • Use Plus to trigger Redo.

  • Press Metronome to help you keep time with a metronome.

  • Press Loop to repeat in playback or record.

  • Press Learn for GarageBand’s Quick Help on-screen prompts.

Check out these videos for more helpful tips on making music with the Songmaker Kit, GarageBand, and Logic Pro: