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More Orchestral Instruments NEEDED in Equator

Equator does not include classic instruments that are very important for orchestration...The Bassoon, English horn, Oboe, French horn,  Clarinet, Trombone, and Saxophone (just to name a few that are missing) are all entirely essential instruments for even basic orchestral orchestration, yet none of these instruments can be found in any of equators sound packs   -.-    >.>    :'(

Further, It is completely mind boggling that you can actually find these instruments within the SWAM sound packs on NOISE which must be purchased (very cheeky of ROLI I might add...) However, these sounds aren't available on equator even for purchase, and it is a massive block on what I want to do with this beautiful piece of technology

I bought my 49 key RISE over 6 months ago and have basically just been waiting for proper orchestral sounds to be added to equator before I can start using the instrument for what I bought it for, which was to fully record my scores with a complete array of classic orchestral instruments...I want to bring my music to life by recording all parts individually, then adding them together...This is not possible if I don't have access to the proper instruments that are played in real life, and which also happen to appear in my scores!!

....Synth style sounds are great, but they cant replicate the sound of a symphonic band like those SWAM sound packs would be able to, and this is a big problem for me right now....I spent $1200 on this awesome thing but I hardly use it because for whatever ridiculous reason, you guys at ROLI haven't thought it was a good enough idea to add a full list of orchestral instruments to Equator

PLEASE fix this so Equator has every instrument relevant to all orchestral repertoire....People would surely give you more money if you made this available (although it should just come with equator and be included in the price of the software!) because seaboard owners want to be able to record/edit the orchestral sounds with the 3rd party programs provided by ROLI, and others like it...Why can't the SWAM sounds be added to Equator?????? Just port them over or something. idk lol just fix this problem, I beg you all so that I may start using this instrument for what I planned on using it for

 I know I speak for many many others in this, so please do something about it; if for no other reason than it will increase the value of your company by making people love you more...Ok? It seriously cannot be that hard, and its very much wanted by many seaboard owners, so get on with it already

This shouldn't even be an issue in my opinion...Those sounds should just be there because its the most obvious thing to do with such a new instrument with the capabilities that the seaboard has

Thanks for reading to the end if you did. 

And thank you to ROLI for making the seaboard

 I love what this instrument means for the future of my life as a composer, I'm just frustrated to be held back by what seems to be either a large brainfart by ROLI...or you guys are doing it on purpose for some nefarious reason....Like seriously, the SWAM sound packs are only available on the NOISE app which has virtually zero recording/editing functionality, and on top of that you have to spend $60+ to get all of them????? What the heck is going on here???? if you're gonna charge for sounds that should be included in the price of the software, at least make it the Equator software, and not the NOISE app software -.-

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Hey there DubWubWubWub,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! I agree that it'd be wonderful to have more acoustic instruments available within Equator, as do many other creators – feel free to also vote on related feature requests here and here. Also, this feature request is for using NOISE soundpacks in Equator and vice versa.

Regarding NOISE's SWAM soundpacks, we've been lucky – not to mention happy – to partner with Audio Modeling to offer these sounds in NOISE at a very accessible price. These sounds are available as individual desktop plugins from Audio Modeling with further customization possibilities, while as you'll see the NOISE SWAM soundpacks are relatively quite affordable. These NOISE sounds use the SWAM Engine rather than the Equator sound engine, so they're not currently available within Equator. We do want to introduce more acoustic sounds, though – especially as you and many other creators have a need for them – so please stay tuned.



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Thank you for your response. It is good to hear that this is being worked on and I do hope to see how this issue will be solved in the coming months. 

Surely with the ROLI teams resources, this task could be tackled from start to finish within just a few short months, or even less. It cant be that hard to convert the SWAM sounds from NOISE to make them work on Equator, or to simply make new sounds from the equator sound engine...The sound engine reason is really no proper excuse for this issue!! 

Again thank you for the response and I will look into making these sounds work as individual desktop plugins to see if I can do what I need to do using that method

Farewell -DubWub

The only thing keeping me from investing heavily in the Roli hardware collection is the lack of woodwind, brass and strings in equator... This should be Roli's main focus as it is the expression with these instruments that no one else can offer better than Roli even in the pro market. Once I see the same quality of orchestral sounds in equator as Noise has with SWAM, I will make my purchases. 

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To my knowledge, the SWAM sounds are only in Roli Noise because the SWAM engine was licensed for use IN Noise. As it was not licensed for Equator, it can’t be used in Equator. However, anyone that wants the SWAM sounds on their computer can get them from Audio Modeling: You can use these as VST or AU plugins in the DAW of your choice and have full multidimensional control. I don’t believe Audio Modeling have licensed their engine for ANYONE on computers, so you have to go through them. This is not a situation where sounds can be “converted” to Equator, There are quite large differences between Equator, which produces synth sounds, and Audio Modeling’s SWAM engine. And, even IF it could be done, no one can release anything SWAM anywhere without prior approval from and licensing fees to, Audio Modeling.

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Since Audio Modeling has been working on the cross-platform Camelot Pro (including iOS), one might expect that they’ll eventually release some of their sounds on iOS outside of Noise. Although, chances are that they’ll be restricted in some other ways. It’d be a great move for them to release those sounds as AUv3. It could really make a big difference in iOS musicking. The problem clearly isn’t at a technical level, since the SWAM Engine works well in Noise. But it sounds like their mindset is about protecting what they have instead of truly embracing new business models. One could still wish that they’d open themselves up to a much wider audience and Camelot Pro could be a sign of that.
I wasn’t aware of Camelot Pro previously (I don’t do any live gigging), seems like a cool tool. It says that it hosts AUv3 plugins... so they could possibly release iOS AUv3 versions of their sounds. I doubt it would be any less expensive, though (or, they could be bundled into the sale of the desktop version). Back to the original post, if you’re looking for SWAM instruments on the desktop, those aren’t supplied through Equator. Those are direct through Audio Modeling at their website. Use them with the DAW of your choice!

ROLI, you guys should buy Audio Modeling! It would be a great fit.  

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