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Equator Saxophone sound

The seaboard feels like it was made for an acoustic sax sound; ROLI even shows one off in their promo vids, but the only ones I can find are £200 from SWAM!

Come on Roli! Put some in

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Unfortunately, those who buy a "Seaboard" are usually a keyboard player who hopes to play sax solos, guitars, brass, viola, cello. And it is these sounds that are not present in Equator. The instrument is exceptional but the software support is not: the sounds offered are unfortunately little usable in the productions of every day. You have to insert a lot of acoustic sounds, which are what your customers really need.

Who buys a Seaboard can not stand having to spend more money to buy professional sounds! Thanks, Marco

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"Unfortunately, those who buy a "Seaboard" are usually a keyboard player who hopes to play sax solos, guitars, brass, viola, cello. And it is these sounds that are not present in Equator."

Exactly. That's me. I even took the time and trouble to install Strobe2. Its sounds were anything but high quality acoustic.

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Well, the Swam-Soundpacks in Noise are really nice, but they are the only ones without AU-Support. That means, I cannot use them within Cubasis, right?

Come on, would you please talk to the Audio Modeling masters and ask them for an upgrade option to use the Swam Sounds within Cubasis?

I really refuse to buy the soundpacks  if I can use them only within the noise-App!

But if I had an option to upgrade them to AU Support (maybe another 20 bucks more for the pack), I of course would - and many others as well, I think!

They shouldnt fear the professionals will still want to buy their high priced vsts, but hundreds of hobbyists could buy and use the Swam-Noise-Soundpacks at last via Cubasis.

Please!!!! Ask them!!!

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I also second this. I bought the roli seaboard thinking i could play acoustic sounds.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for asking about saxophone sounds. The NOISE soundpack, "SWAM Saxophones," has great acoustic saxophone sounds. We've been happy to partner with Audio Modeling to offer these sounds in NOISE at a very accessible price. As these sounds use the SWAM Engine rather than the Equator sound engine, these sounds aren't currently available from Equator. We do want to introduce more acoustic sounds, though, so please stay tuned.



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I have to agree. I just purchased my a Seaboard after being mostly sold on all the videos using SWAM samples. And now seeing how limited the iOS versions are and how expensive the full ones are, I'm quite disappointed.

Would be good if Roli at least had some coop with Acoustic Modeling that would get us a discount on the full version. Especially given how prominently featured the SWAM sounds are in Roli's promotional materials.

I even purchased Equator upgrade hoping there'd be more acoustic sounds there, but to no avail.

The Roli HW is great, but lack of good quality samples is disappointing.

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I second everyone here. I bought a Seaboard, returned it for Rise 25, thinking Equator full version would have that missing Sax sound. Now I feel cheated.

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Roli support is avoiding this topic. Come on, guys........please make the SWARM sounds available in the IOS AUv3 versions of Noise. I think you have very loyal customers who paid a lot of money for your hard- and software, give them what they deserve please.

Any news ROLI? Can't you just outright buy Audio Modeling and provide their sounds in Equator? Also felt cheated when you showcased their instruments, but there were none to be found...

+ 1 for the orchestral sounds, please! Love you guys, but definitely lacking in that department, and a huge gap in the market that is waiting, eagerly for this feature. 

Just got Rise and I'm a bit disappointed how little good acoustic / wind sounds  are available in Equator. C'mon, you can get a fancy synth modulation in Animoog or whatever, but only with Seaboard you can really nicely mimic classical instruments ...

Windows 10 non Apple user here.  I agree with all the above regarding the saxophone modelled SWAM sounds.  Might I suggest you look in to Halion 6 or Halion SE if you want sampled saxophone sounds...a plethora of them in addition to thousands of other acoustic sampled sounds as well as synth sounds.  

Hey Roli, can you put some REAL instruments? Like saxophone and others from SWAM. It's not polite you are selling something without instruments.


+1 I got a Roll songwriter kit thinking I could do acoustic sounds.  It's been a year now and this thing is collecting dust waiting for a sax sound or something else that I can actually use live.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We recently introduced some new acoustic sounds in the "Colours of India" soundpack that we released (see, and we plan on introducing more acoustic sounds in the future. Thanks very much for your patience in the meantime.


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