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Three instruments it would be stellar to add - pipe organ, church organ, and an acoustic harpsichord

I love my Seaboard so far - absolutely stellar. The sounds are incredible.

Three big instruments that would be massive additions are a pipe organ, church organ, and an acoustic harpsichord.

"Church organ" is a bit vague, but I'm referring the instrument similar to that found in Radiohead's "Motion Picture Soundtrack" on their album Kid A. A soft, soothing sound.

Whereas "pipe organ" refers to instruments like the Leeds Town Hall Organ. The type of sound found on "No Time for Caution" on Hans Zimmer's Interstellar score.

I know the Seaboard's specialty is instruments that use the 5D touch. But I'm aiming to have mine cover as many bases as possible so I can use it as much as possible. It's that good.

Plus, the Seaboard is the absolute best way to mix normally acoustic instruments with the 5D touch. I'm having fun playing the acoustic piano and adding vibrato, for instance. It creates some experimental sounds I haven't been able to achieve on any other device. And I think it'd be incredible to have this option for the above instruments as well - yet another feature to set the Seaboard apart from all other devices. :)

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Yes I totally agree. The Noise app needs to have a B3 and a few more organ plug ins. You could do so many great effects utilizing the 5d ability!

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for requesting these sounds – I agree that the Seaboard is great for developing new approaches to traditionally "1D" acoustic sounds! I'll be happy to pass these along to our sound design team. Please feel free to share any other thoughts or requests with us.


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