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Using SWAM sounds with Garageband iOS

Hello There,

I am trying to use SWAM string sounds via Garageband in my iPad. Strangely, I dont see that pack in my Garageband sounds. I can play and record that pack on my Noise app, but it is missing from Garageband on my iPad. Also, other packs are available for me to play on my iPad garageband, just not the SWAM sounds.

Is this how its supposed to work (or not work)? Please help.



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Hi neurons,

Thanks for asking about this. The SWAM soundpacks currently require greater processing power than other NOISE soundpacks and aren't available yet in the AU plugin of NOISE for use in GarageBand and other DAWs. We hope to continue to improve the performance of these great sounds and make them more widely available in the future. Please see this article for full details:


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