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Downloading equator

I lost my CD that came with my rise that had the instillation and I think licensing key for equator. Does anyone know if there's a place to download equator again as long as you can prove you have a key? Thanks

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Hi Luke,

It looks like we responded to your support ticket yesterday. In any case, if you've registered your RISE you may simply log in to your My ROLI account and download Equator and other bundled software.


Hey guys, please help. I'm a supporter now. I bought the seaboard and the roli block and Loop blook. Second hand. But i do not have the software for my windows 10 computer. I broke now. Can you please tell me where to find free beginners software to start using this stuff?

Hi Carlos,

Your ROLI hardware comes with a full software package, you just need to register the products to your My ROLI account and you will be able to download it.


I register my product,but i forget that gmail and password,so i want to re-register my product.Tell me the solution for this.Thank u
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