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Equator as plugin, password 4x?

This is a bit absurd. Both in VE Pro 6 and Nuendo 8, launching Equator - or launching a project with it - has meant typing my password in 4 separate keychain dialogs. What gives? 

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Hi Jan,

Typically if you save your password in your keychain and grant permission for it to accessed you should only need to do this once. Please let me know if you continue to experience this, and any details you can provide will be helpful.



Me too, with the standalone version and also in Logic Pro X. I have added the password to Keychain but it asks several times for the password, even Logic X is asking in return to give the password for Equator 樂

I have the same problem. everytime I open a Logic project  and there is at least one track of equator it asks for the password.  I press deny a couple of  times just to avoid typing the password over and over.

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