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Equator Updated .dll file

 I installed the update but it did not update the dynamic link in my vst folder. How do I fix to run the updated version?>

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I found the dll file here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2\Equator.dll You should also. Delete and reinstall

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Hi Svein,

Just to note, while Ableton does not allow multiple custom VST folders, if you place shortcuts to other VST locations within your designated Ableton VST folder, Ableton can access plugins through these, so you don't need to have all of your VSTs stored within the Ableton folder. 

This page details the install locations for the Equator plugins, but I appreciate that this could be clearer, and it could be helpful for the installer to allow custom install locations, and will pass this suggestion to the team. 

 I just got my Seaboard49, and installed Equator, been knocking my head against this very same issue for the last 2 hours. I had no idea what the vst plugin was called as I literally opened my Seaboard box a few hours ago. First I made some Kontakt instruments with my seabard, next I wanted to try Equator, and no vst dll to be found. I searched equator.dll, but didnt find anything, and I found in this location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2 the plugin called "Equator x64.dll".

Comeon Roli, you guys gotta make an option within the installer to choose the VST plugin directory. This is 2019 ! not 2009.!

Not every DAW have multiple vst folder to read VST's from like Ableton !

same problem here but work fine with reinstall 

would be indeed  perfect if we choose the destination 

but hey it's work so perfect 

same fix works for 1.12. seems like you'd want people to actually use the new version after you spent so much time updating it..

I found this very helpful...apparently the installer doesn't let you choose the destination path, nor does it tell you where the file is being sent!

Very frustrating!

Well after reinstalling it for the 3rd time it finally appeared at  C: program > Program file > Common files> Steinberg > VST 2. Thanks a lot Red and Clark for your help!  

I hope I hope that helps. After you reinstall, move that dll file to your vst folder
I found the dll file here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2\Equator.dll You should also. Delete and reinstall

Hi Ronan,

  • In what folder(s) are you looking for the plugin?
  • Are you downloading and installing the version of Equator with the bit depth (32- or 64-bit) of your operating system?
  • Have you tried reinstalling Equator with all audio applications closed?



Same issue than Chris 2 messages on top... Equator installed, reinstalled, no dll nor in the places mentioned by Roli or anywhere else... standalone version works with my seaboard 49 but no VST.  Setup: Windows 10 + Ableton live 9 suite + equator 1.11.2...  is there someone at Roli who can answer our questions please? 

Thanks a lot

Hi Clark, I allready tried that but no trace of this dll file on my computer... I'm a bit lost and really annoyed... Nobody from Roli answers my questions... and it seems I'm not the only one experiencing this issue... I already tried to reinstall the whole equator... still nothing...

I found it- it was in a program folder- go to the original install instructions for equator and it will tell you exactly where the file is. That’s what I did


I have the same issue. I installed Equator. I can run him standalone, it works with seabord rise 49. But i cannot  find the equator.dll to make it work as a plugin inside Ableton Live. I looked for the usual places where Roli says they put the file but it is still missing. What should I do?

My actual Equator standalone version is 1.11.2

Thanks for your help!!!

is there a standard directory the dll can be found to copy in manually?

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same issue here. version is updated in standalone but equator's vst dll does not seem to be copied anywhere.  windows 8 & ableton.

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