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Rise and SWAN-Noise ... without IOs ... or plan B...?

I am Classical Music oriented. I am ready for a 5D responsive touch keyboard. I have a Rise 49 in my shopping cart. However, I keep playing the SWAN orchestral sound video  for Blocks-iOS ... and drooling. I want those -- or alt -- sounds with my Rise.

Can anyone suggest a path for me?

1) Is this correct: You can only get Noise-SWAN orchestral  library with a Rise by going "through" an IOS device? ( I don't have one.)

2) Are there spectacular Orchestral sound samples in the included libraries I will get with the Rise-49?

3) What is an alternate library that works with 5D fully enabled, for classical orchestra and piano sounds, of the quality of the SWAN libraries? (Note: Vienna Strings is out of my budget)

4) My DAW sequencer is Cubase and I have Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra included.

Thank you,


Hi John,

Thanks for asking about using the SWAM Engine sounds with your RISE. Audio Modeling's SWAM Engine instruments are available as individual plugins for use with MacOS and Windows computers, and the NOISE sounds using the SWAM Engine are currently only supported on compatible iOS devices.

Please see for more details on the SWAM plugins for MacOS/Windows, and for instructions on setting up the SWAM Engine instruments with your RISE, please see Using the Seaboard RISE & GRAND with SWAM Engine.

This page lists the presets included with the full version of Equator, so you can see what orchestral sounds are included.

For more setup guides on using ROLI instruments with third-party software synthesizers, check out this section of our support website



Looks like the two bundles, for strings and woodwinds, would be about $1200, with no brass or percussion. I am not saying that is too expensive, it just is what it is. I am sure these are spectacular samples.

Meanwhile, you can get SWAM Flutes, SWAM Strings, SWAM Woodwinds, SWAM Saxophones, Bass Quartet and Treble Quartet for $10 each for NOISE on iOS with the Seaboard Block. I would have to bet these packs are not the "full" libraries, but limited subsets. They can't be the full $1200 libraries, right?

I have Garritan Personal Orchestra, and of course I will have the orchestral samples included with Equator, as you pointed out, so that's where I'll start.

I just got jazzed watching that video of the Seaboard Block playing the SWAM samples!

Red, can you answer this new question...

Playing a solo with the SWAM string or woodwind pack on Seaboard Block linked to an iPad or iPod6, the file can be saved to the iOS device and downloaded or emailed out as an AIFF or other audio file, then imported into a desktop PC DAW, right? It's not midi there, but the full impact of expression would be heard in hi-res. Am I correct?

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