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Block already registered ????

just bought a ''new'' seaboard block from guitar center...well, turns out it isnt new...they handed me an open box and the device had finger prints on it...i told them that this was unacecptable so they gave me another off the shelve, well, they where all open...go figure , so i decided to take my chance and took it home.

when i went to register it with the noise app, it says it is already registered to another account, UGH , guitar center will be hearing from me!!

anyway, how can i register my new , used , block now ?

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Hi there,

Thanks for asking about this, and I'm sorry to hear that your new Block was already registered. ROLI instruments sold as new from authorized retailers should indeed be unregistered, both so that you can register them and so that you'll receive all of the bundled software. To fully clear the registration, please get in touch with us here ( and include a photo of the serial number as well as a copy of your sales receipt, and we'll be happy to help you.

More details on registration and purchasing from authorized retailers is available here.


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