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Soundpacks in Noise

Hi there, I was able toll install Mouse in a Samsung Galaxy S8 and connect it with my Roli Seaboard Block. Seems to work. But can't find out how to install or buy other soundpacks. No option for that in the store. How to do?

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Hi there,

A beta version of NOISE was released last year for several Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S8. After this beta release and extensive testing, it was discovered that currently only the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 are able to fully support all of NOISE's functionality. So while you may be able to run this version of NOISE, it's not currently officially supported, and soundpacks are not available for it. For more details on NOISE Android support, please see this article.



 Hello Red,

thank you for your comment. I find it a pitty that Noise isn't offered for the Galaxy S8 anymore. It works perfect on mine. Anyway thanks for your work!

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